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I do not know what it is about this show but it’s as if it’s so awful I have to keep watching. I really enjoyed Autumn’s analysis especially when comparing the second season of this show to the brief trailer we watched of the first season. In the first season, it was men who were seeking the love of a Southern woman, so it was like the Southern men were competing to preserve the the pride of the South – the Southern belle. They were “protecting” her honor in their own minds. This season, it seems, is much different. Now, the question is will the man break the “Southern Commandments” and turn his back on his own culture? The women seem to already be spicing things up with their own internal conflict: trailer trash, Mandy and “fake” Ashley.

Sweet Home Alabama: Tribble chose…

Never did I think these girls from the deep south would know who I was. Glassman came into the house wanting to clear her name, but the whole concept of the show — and of course Reese — led her down the road to become a reality TV starlet of her own. Glassman says trying to win over the former Clemson quarterback was not the hardest part of being in the house.

Former Clemson quarterback Tribble Reese is currently a part of Country Music Television’s show ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and the series shot an episode at this.

Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. Go to page ‘, event. Moyer, who grew up with his grandparents on a horse farm, gave Grissom a promise ring, and the two are officially a couple. The second season of Sweet Home Alabama premieres 8 p. The results were revealed Thursday night Sept. After agonizing over her decision, Grissom chose Moyer for his strong values and big heart. Since the beginning of the season, Moyer, a horse trainer from Tennessee, was a fan favorite because of his endearing one-liners.

He also earned respect of Grissom and viewers when he chose not to “kiss and tell” about their first date. Runner-up Tribble Reese proved to be a strong contender and fan favorite early in the series, but Grissom ultimately followed her heart.


Tribble Reese Herbert Tribble Reese, born July 27, in Atlanta, Georgia is an American television personality, model, bartender and ex-college athlete. Reese was also ranked among the top 50 Hot Bachelors of by Cosmopolitan magazine, where he was named South Carolina’s Bachelor of the Year. Reese grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and began playing football in His professional career got its start at Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham, where he was ranked in as the 15th dual-threat quarterback in the nation by Rivals.

As a back-up quarterback with the Clemson Tigers, Reese roomed with Demayne Board and accumulated two touchdowns and a Tribble is currently involved in giving back specializing in helping local charities including Angel Ride [7] in Mobile, AL , The Exceptional Foundation.

Tribble Reese – Bartender from Birmingham, Alabama Tripp Davis – CPA from Jackson, Miss. The eight episode series, SWEET HOME.

In order to win her heart, the guys from across the country compete in challenges to win time with this modern day southern belle. In each one-hour episode set in the charming city of Fairhope, Ala. Devin Grissom is a student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Raised in Cordova, Tenn. A huge sports fan, Devin spends her Saturdays in the fall watching SEC football games and hopes to pursue a public relations career in professional sports. Devin’s parents were high school sweethearts, still married for 34 years, and she aspires to have a relationship like theirs and settle down at a young age.

Adam Moyer – Horse trainer from Franklin, Tenn. Beau McKinney – U. Marine veteran from Birmingham, Ala.

‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Finale: Tribble Picks Tristan, Fans Are Overjoyed

Going into the episode, I was sure Tribble was going to choose Jackie. She got better dates. And then after the final two dates from the episode, I was sure she was a shoe-in. I was disappointed, I was ready to feel betrayed by Tribble because, obviously as avid fans, we all have personal stakes in this right? But no! Tribble surprised me and instead chose sweet, Southern Tristan to be his girlfriend.

22 women are after him in reality show. Tribble Reese stars in “​Sweet Home Alabama 2.” (CMT photo). When Tribble Reese.

Tribble Reese is used to admiration for his pretty-boy face and athletic physique, honed and toned as a college and arena-league football player. The model and athlete was voted Cosmopolitan’s most eligible bachelor for South Carolina in and Jezebel’s most beautiful in I tossed some questions to Tribble Reese about his move abroad, the reality shows, dating, and mobile software.

How did you end up playing football in Germany? I haven’t played in three years, and this was an opportunity for me to play football, which I love. I was in between projects and was asked to play quarterback here, so it was also a chance to travel and learn about a new culture. So I couldn’t turn it down. How is playing in Germany different than in the US? There are translation problems — I speak zero Deutsch. But really, football’s football.

Jake Pavelka reportedly dating ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ bachelorette

Some of you may remember that this summer I sung the praises of my favorite new reality dating show , Sweet Home Alabama. The show followed Southern belle Devin as she went through a low-key, Southern-ized version of The Bachelorette , choosing among groups of country guys and city guys. Devin eventually narrowed the field down to two country boys — rural horse whisperer Adam, and city-country former football star Tribble.

Tribble seemed to have it all — the charm, the looks, the past glory days. But Devin went with the quieter guy, Adam. Well now Tribble is back, as the Southern gentleman who gets to choose from eleven country girls and eleven city girls.

Jake Pavelka reportedly dating ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ bachelorette. of the show’s fourth episode featured Vickers surviving bachelor Tribble.

It was all of the above, but when it came down to the final two, and bachelorette Devin Grissom picked Adam Moyer over Reese, it became something Reese didn’t bargain for. I really developed this strong connection with her, and I thought there was something between us. First runner-up wasn’t too shabby, and it came with a heckuva consolation prize. Reese soon got the call that CMT producers wanted him to be the bachelor, with 22 young women vying for his attention, on the show’s second season.

What: “Sweet Home Alabama 2”. Where: CMT. When: Thursday at 8 p. There, he was pursuing his MBA, co-creating the Snatcher mobile app which launches at the end of the year and bartending to make some extra money. Season 2 went well, too, Reese says, but like Season 1, he was surprised by its more difficult moments. As the show goes on, you get these stronger and stronger emotional ties to these girls. It was also tiring. Reese filmed almost every day in September.

You have to always be on. I was just a zombie.

Meet One ‘Sweet’ Bachelor

In each one-hour episode, set in the charming city of Fairhope, Alabama, ladies from across the country compete for time with this southern gentleman, while each week, Reese is forced to say goodbye to more bachelorettes in his search for true love. Tribble Reese was raised and went to high school in Mountain Brook, outside of Birmingham, AL, where his family still lives.

Reese was recruited by Clemson where he played quarterback and earned a degree in Marketing.

CGM: It’s nice to see a reality show that’s actually about young movers and shakers instead of slackers and coasters TR: That’s what I like to tell.

Get the Apple App or the Android App today! Jul 13th, 28 Comments. It seems like so long ago that I was on my way down to Mobile to start the filming of Sweet Home Alabama , but the time has finally come! We are now officially less than 48 hours away from the debut of what will be one of the most talked about reality shows this summer.

I have been telling people that the show is like if The Bachelorette met Jersey Shore. Definitely a recipe for some serious drama between the guys, which will make for some entertaining TV for the viewers. I am excited about the show and wanted to make my site active since it has been sitting on the cutting room floor since my last year in college at Clemson University a couple of years ago. I want people who have questions about me, the show Sweet Home Alabama , how gorgeous Devin is, or anything else to have the ability to get in touch with me.

I want you to see the real Tribble Reese. Stay tuned because the site will be constantly improving as the weeks go on. I know you were born in the south but your sandy blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, rigid jaw line and playboy acumen make me wonder if you are of Swedish descent? Talented in many things, an all-around great guy everyone likes to know. I wish you success! Good for you, Tribble, for the direction in which you are going.

Tribble’s Turn

As a partner in an event and promotion company, model Tribble Reese always knows where the party is. Armed with an MBA, this true Southern gentleman was born in Atlanta, raised in Alabama, schooled in South Carolina, and is now back making a name for himself where it all began. Born in Atlanta, raised in Alabama, schooled in South Carolina, and now making a name for himself where it all began, Tribble Reese is taking Atlanta and the world by storm.

An extremely well-rounded individual, Tribble is down to earth and definitely not your average guy in this industry. He is a host, as seen in numerous studios and red carpets entertaining crowds nationwide.

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the finale of Sweet Home Alabama with each of the girls – although Sweet Home Alabama is a discreet show, so there These dating shows sure do mess with a person’s heart.

We are living in a time in which real-ity television has clearly become one of the most noticeable trends of the decade and it doesn’t take an enter-tainment enthusiast or a helpless tele-vision addict to realize this. I for one, hardly ever turn on my television, yet I continually hear so much about various shows that I stay educated and in-formed whether I care to and whether I ever tune in or not.

What particularly makes SHA stand out is the different approach it takes in comparison to other dating shows. The question raised is: will the bachelor or bachelorette stick to their roots and surroundings of what they know or will they fall for someone from the opposite side of the fence that may take them to a different part of the country and introduce them to a new lifestyle. The show features outdoor activities, visits to the big city and a wide variety of beautiful dates and adventures.

I was immediately taken up with season 1 because of the realness I sensed in the country bachelorette, Devin Grissom. For the finale, she had a tough decision to make between horse trainer Adam Moyer and former Clemson University quarterback Tribble Reese. While Devin chose Adam, Tribble still won as he is the fea-tured bachelor on season 2.

Two episodes have aired so far and Tribble has narrowed the field down to 16 girls. We’ve already witnessed a visit to an alligator farm, the country girls shooting a deer, a cooking event, muddy high heels, Tribble’s first kiss, first date, cat fights, and other dramatic filled moments. Each season consists of 8 episodes and this week is episode 3 in which, Tribble will eliminate more poten-tial princesses.

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Sweet Home Alabama’s Tribble Reese Visits Southern Living

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